Marketing in Seattle

I want to dispel some of the myth about marketing, especially here in Seattle.
I have talked to some Seattle business owners that think Social Media is just a toy and not a serious tool to building their business. When I talk to them they recite oh, when I have a little more time I'll just get on there and throw up some posts of my specials.
Whether we want to believe it or not Social Media is serious. If you send the wrong posts on Facebook you can find yourself being deleted by all who have friend-ed you or just simply ignored. There really is a strategy to how you post where you post, when to post and what type of post to send. The key is to be strategic and consistent.
A website is just a page on the internet that gives people information.
How you set up your website is super important. I don't want to sound rude here, but there is a reason I do what I do. I learned that there are elements to building a website that will leverage you in search engines to get more views and build recognition for you and your company. You cannot just wing it! There are a lot of website builders out there now that try to offer cheap websites and guess what?....People buy them! Cheap sounds good. I love a good deal and so I try to be super affordable but I do not want to compromise my customer's marketing. I am in front of people all day listening to their stories about being unhappy with their website and its performance. Lets do it right.
Author: Robert Norman